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MUSC Foundation Teaching Excellence Awards

Please use this form to nominate any member of the full-time faculty for one of the Teaching Excellence Awards below. You may nominate no more than one person in each category. For the criteria by which nominees will be evaluated, please see the Selection Criteria below the nomination form on this page. Also note that faculty who have received the award within the previous three years are not eligible for nomination this year. For a list of faculty who are not eligible for nomination, please see the list of Past Recipients at the bottom of this page.

Award Categories:

Eligibility Criteria:

Any regular, full-time faculty member member (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor) in a college or department of MUSC and who has not been the recipient of this award within the previous three years, is eligible for nomination. Faculty with modified ranks (e.g., Clinical, Adjunct, etc.) will not be considered.

Nomination Form

Name of person to be nominated
Award category
Name of nominator
Relationship to nominee (i.e., student, colleague, supervisor, etc.)

Please note: Your nominee may ask you to provide a letter of support.

IMPORTANT! This nomination form should be completed in its entirety and submitted (by clicking the Submit Form button) no later than Friday, January 24, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.

Criteria by which nominees will be evaluated are as follows:

  1. Knowledge
    • Exhibits current and extensive breadth and depth of knowledge in subject areas of teaching responsibilities
    • Exhibits knowledge of teaching-learning principles and sound pedagogical practices
    • Contributes to the body of knowledge on teaching-learning through presentations, publications, instructional materials, and other such avenues of knowledge dissemination
    • Continually updates own knowledge of teaching-learning principles and practices
  2. Teaching Skills
    • Creates a hospitable, supportive learning environment which is open and non-threatening
    • Conveys enthusiasm for the subject and the profession
    • Encourages discussion, intellectual curiosity, self-directed learning, and problem-solving
    • Fosters critical thinking and creativity
    • Makes difficult concepts easy to understand
    • Uses effective, innovative teaching methods and technologies
    • Continually incorporates current subject knowledge and new skills into the teaching arena
    • Assesses teaching effectiveness and makes necessary adjustments and improvement in teaching skills
    • Provides fair and constructive evaluations of student performance
  3. Rapport With Students
    • Shows genuine interest in and respect for student needs and concerns
    • Creates a climate of respect, trust and concern
    • Demonstrates a willingness to be available to students
    • Expresses enthusiasm and enjoyment for teaching and working with students
    • Encourages participation; is open to others' opinions, criticisms and questioning
    • Demonstrates a sensitivity and responsiveness to individual student needs and differences
  4. Modeling Interprofessional Collaboration
    • Provide evidence of collaboration with faculty and/or students outside of own profession.
    • Demonstrates support for interprofessional education initiative.
  5. Modeling Professional Characteristics
    • Demonstrates ethical principles, values and characteristics in student/teacher and collegial relationships
    • Demonstrates responsibility to the profession and the institution
    • Demonstrates scholarship in an area of knowledge and teaching responsibility
    • Demonstrates sensitivity and respect for human diversity and individual differences

Previous Teaching Excellence Award Recipients:

The following faculty received the Teaching Excellence Award within the past three years and are therefore not eligible for nomination this year.

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